Have you always wanted to try contact lenses? Contact lenses have really changed the way vision needs are treated today. With the advent of new technologies, contact lenses keep getting better. They have better optics, are more breathable, and more comfortable.

Have you had a poor experience with contacts previously? It is possible that the lenses were not fitting you properly. Your eyes are unique – hence it is important that the contact lenses are fitting your eyes well. Poor fit can lead to poor vision, poor comfort and additional complications.

Book a contact lens fitting with us today! We will discuss your individual needs, and recommend the most suitable lens. If you’ve never inserted or removed the contact lenses, our team will teach you step-by-step, and provide instructions on contact lens care and hygiene. Finally, our doctor will assess the fit of the lenses, and optimize them to ensure your contact lenses can provide all-day comfort and optimal vision. We promise to work with you, until you are completely satisfied with your contacts!

We offer all forms of soft contact lenses from all the leading vendors in the industry. Whether you need a simple spherical correction, toric lenses for correcting your astigmatism, or multifocal contacts, we can help you see better!

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