A dilated fundus evaluation is a critical component of our eye health exam. This is because many peripheral retinal findings do not have any symptoms. As a result, these findings will go undetected unless your eyes are regularly dilated.

A dilated exam involves receiving eye drops that will cause the iris (coloured part of the eye) to contract, causing your eyes to become dilated. This allows the optometrist to attain a better view of the internal structures of your eye. During this assessment, the doctor will evaluate the peripheral retina for any holes or tears, any subtle bleeds or pigmentary changes. This allows for detection of retinal detachments, systemic health conditions and even cancer.

The dilation typically lasts for 3-5 hours after the procedure; what does this mean for you? You may experience a temporary increase in light sensitivity and blur when reading up close. We recommend bringing a pair of sunglasses for you to wear after the procedure. Ask our team for more details!