Eye emergencies can happen suddenly. We understand that these are not predictable, however it is important that your eyes are assessed by a qualified eye care provider in a prompt manner to ensure that you receive the correct treatment on time. We will try our best to accommodate eye emergencies. Give us a call and share your signs and symptoms with us – our team will triage you and direct you to a doctor based on the level of urgency.

Below are examples of some ocular emergencies:

• New onset of flashes / floaters
• Foreign body in the eye, or forceful trauma to the eye
• Chemical splashed into the eye
• Sudden loss or decrease in vision
• Sudden onset of halos around lights, especially if associated with a red, painful eye
• Sudden onset of double vision (seeing 2 objects instead of 1)
• Sudden onset of a droopy eyelid

Unsure if you are experiencing an emergency? Call our office to discuss your symptoms!